Our Guaranteed Home Inspections

Thorough home inspections and detailed inspection reports

As a Certified Professional Home Inspector, I provide thorough evaluations of your home, according to InterNACHI’s superlative Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

I will inspect all of the visible and accessible systems and components of the home then compile my findings in an easy-to-understand report that includes high-quality digital photos, summaries, and checklists.

Thorough & Detailed

Home Inspection  Services

We provide some of the most thorough and detailed home inspections in all of Winnipeg. We do this because we truly care about our clients. Because of our engineering and construction background, we are very detail-oriented and focused on finding issues – no matter where they hide.

There are literally hundreds of items that we inspector for during your home inspection. While they are too numerous to mention here, some of the many items we inspect are as follows:

  •  Exteriors: Garages, driveway, walkways, roof, siding, grading and drainage, gutters, doors, windows, steps, railings, decks, porches, chimney, patios, and flashing.
  • Interiors: Foundation, framing, basement, crawlspaces, attics, bathrooms, kitchen, fire alarms, CO detectors, fireplaces, woodstoves, stairs, lights, outlets, and all living spaces.
  • Mechanical: Electric panel(s), branch wiring, heating unit, cooling unit, ductwork and piping, plumbing supply lines, plumbing waste lines, and water heater.

Per Inspection

What’s Included

With Your Home Inspection

  • Extensive non-invasive visual home inspection with FREE certified infrared scan
  • Full colour report w/ digital photos (emailed within 24 hours of inspection)
  • The InterNACHI Buy Back Guarantee
  • FREE home maintenance book “Now That You’ve Had A Home Inspection”
  • $10,000 honour guarantee
  • Homeowner Newsletter (emailed to you from InterNACHI)


Ancillary Services

Certified Infrared Scan

Having an infrared inspection is very beneficial and economical for many reasons. It will show areas and locations in the home that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Areas such as moisture intrusions if left unattended can lead to mold growth and other airborne microbial. Mold can destroy the structure of your home and is an invitation yo unwanted pests and insects.



Per Infrared Inspection


1.5 Hour Inspection (avg)


Photos (digital & infrared)


Full Colour Report (emailed within 24 hours of inspection)

Ancillary Services

Mold Inspections

Mould investigation should be left to the professionals as there are a number of precautions involved in a mould inspection. You do not want to disturb any visible mould because you could release a massive amount of spores into the air, creating more problems for your home. If you have musty mouldy odours and not visible mould, there is very likely hidden mould. I would be honoured to come to your home and do a mould inspection and help you on your way to having a healthy home.



Per Mold Inspection

– $65.00 per sample for additional samples taken







— Out of town areas are subject to a mileage fee: $0.45 per kilometer round trip —

The Best

Home Inspections

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