Here in Winnipeg, we have had some issues with sinkholes. They have the potential to create huge amounts of destruction to infrastructure, property and most worryingly, human life. So, what are some of the signs you could observe in and around your home that could indicate a sinkhole is forming? Let’s look at some of the indicators.

What might you observe inside the home? One big warning sign is cracks appearing in the floors and walls of the home. You might also find that doors and windows are no longer closing properly. If you have well water, you might notice it becoming cloudy or muddy looking.

There are a number of sinkhole warning signs around the home as well, some very subtle and others a lot more noticeable. Among the more noticeable signs are; rapid ground subsidence, cracks in the ground which form a circular pattern and sudden ground fissures. Some of the less noticeable warning signs are; water accumulation in areas of the property that don’t usually experience this, fence posts or trees might start to list and expose parts normally underground. You might also be observing areas of plant life suddenly starting to die off, this can be due their water supply draining away into a sinkhole.

If you have noticed any of these issues on your property, don’t start to panic and assume it is definitely a sinkhole as these signs could also be indicators of a completely different problem. The best thing to do is have the property looked at to find the real source of the problem. However, being alert to the possibility of sinkholes on your property will go a long way to keeping you and your property safe.

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